NaNoWriMo Day 6

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2200 words

Total Word Count:  14,800 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “Jacob almost caught up to him and called “You ready, Bowman?” Rischa giggled at the flat look Bowman shot back at the human.

“Of course I am,” he snapped, flying out of the forest for the first time in his life.

Rischa felt it when he did and she gasped. Bowman’s trepidation, curiosity, and awe crashed over her like a braided tide, emotions sharp as a pine needle and as clear as a summer sky. It was a moment that’d change his life for good, and both sprites knew it.”

I got off to a late start today, but I still made it! Today was a detail sort of day, and I’m all about the details. I really enjoy culture shock, and I got to write about a car from the perspective of someone who’s only ever heard about the things in passing. It’s incredible fun. I welcome the weekend, because I must write even more of this culture shock!

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