NaNoWriMo Day 11

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2300 words

Total Word Count:  25,500 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “The human’s voice broke the silence again. It was loud, and deep, and it made Teven flinch despite his best efforts not to react to the man’s very presence. It was hard to believe he’d heard this voice thousands of times before without ever feeling an ounce of fear for it.

Being caged like an animal made a lot of difference.”

Woo! I broke the halfway point! And I’m still just getting into the intrigue of the story! This one is probably gonna be long, like Bowman of Wellwood, which ended up around 95k words all told. But I’m really happy with how it’s progressing. I’m kind of excited to get to the weekend and see how much I can get through now that I’ve come this far. 🙂

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