Nice Comments

This, friends, is why it’s very important to drop even a little comment on someone’s work if you liked it. Because I am still over the moon about this 24 hours later and I will be for days to come. It’s so important to validate people’s hard work, and it’s really easy these days to read and move on.

Don’t do that. Read it, comment on it.

I promise you that authors do not care if you say the same thing someone else said, or if all you can say is “I liked this.” We are just happy because no matter what you say, it also comes with an unsaid “I noticed you and I think you did a good job.” If you want to keep seeing work you like from someone creating something, you best tell them so.

Original fiction, fan fiction, creative nonfiction, pure nonfiction, whatever: if you liked a thing, tell the author of the thing and you’ll get more thing.

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