NaNoWriMo Day 21

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2200 words

Total Word Count:  43,400 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “I inched along slowly, my heart pounding in the dark. One of my senses was completely stifled, and it left me on edge.

It also, by some chance, happened to make my other senses far keener than they normally were. I felt every shift in the air in here, and it left my wings twitching on occasion. I smelled the unfamiliar dust, so different from the air fragrant with verdant life back home in Wellwood.

And I heard a shuffling approaching me.”

My family did our Thanksgiving celebrations today, so I was worried I wouldn’t make my word count. I was busy being social most of the day, and yet I made it home this evening and managed to hack out my word count plus some extra! The chapter really wanted to be written. I’m getting into some intriguing parts of the story. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to find excerpts that aren’t spoilertastic at this point, but I’ll do my best!

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