Flying Lesson

This short (very short) is a glimpse into Bowman Leafwing’s childhood. Bowman is the star of my story, Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood and you can read more about him here. In this short, Bowman is about eight years old.

“Did you see that one, dad?” I called, absolutely bouncing with pride. It was the first time I managed a midair turn and landed almost perfectly, only stumbling backwards a few steps. Until then, I had inevitably fallen flat on my back, often squashing my poor wings in the process. It was hard to figure out how to redirect momentum the right way so a graceful landing was possible.

“I did! I’m proud of you,” my father answered as he strolled up. He was grinning at me and his large, leafy green wings were fanning open and closed ceaselessly.

“I can’t believe I didn’t fall!” I said, awed. It was hard to land backwards! Ten times harder than landing frontwards. If I could get the hang of this, there wasn’t a flying technique I couldn’t master.

Dad chuckled. “You’re a Leafwing, Bowman! Of course you’d learn it quick. You’re going to be the best in the village someday, my boy.”

I grinned up at him as he reached out a hand to tussle my wild, pine green hair.

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