Bowman Meets Birdie (2/2)

On the flipside of Bowman Left Behind, another very important event happened during Bowman’s childhood. Here, he is ten, having lived with his aunt and uncle for a little under a year. That year was hard on Bowman, coming to adjust to a new home life. He was very worried that the addition of a new baby to the family would shove him aside (like many children might worry). The alternative was much sweeter and a huge step towards making Bowman who he is.

Read Bowman’s story here.

( Part 1 )

“Bowman, this is Rischa,” Candara told me, her voice tired but joyful. She handed the swaddled baby to me, making sure I supported the fragile head in the crook of my arm.

Rischa was light. Even my skinny arms had no trouble holding her up. A tuft of soft brown hair topped her head, framed by the silky green blanket wrapped around her. Her brown skin was a bit darker than mine, more like Larxe’s. I brushed a hand along her round, chubby cheek.

Rischa opened her eyes in response to my touch. It was like twin suns lit up in her face. Shining gold stared up into my vibrant green, like daylight meeting the canopy.

“Hi, Rischa,” I breathed. I was awestruck. Her tiny round face looked up at me, little lips parted in a circle of confusion or perhaps hunger.

She gurgled a little and squeaked. Squeaked, almost like …

“She sounds like a baby bird,” I commented with a laugh. “Little Birdie.”

Candara smiled and reached over to comb a hand back through my hair. It sprang back. I hardly noticed either event. I was too busy watching Rischa’s pudgy face as her eyes shut again. The baby heaved quite a sigh of contentment and drifted off once more. It was exhausting, being born.

My wings opened slightly, wrapping around myself and Rischa as I held her. Candara chuckled and said “I suppose I don’t need to ask you to help take good care of her, Bowman?”

I shook my head and finally looked up.  “Uh-uh. I’m gonna take care of her. I’m gonna be her brother. I’ll always look out for Birdie.“ I’d never made a more earnest promise in my life.

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