Pinky Promise (4/4)

This story is for the contest going on over at @brothersapart​. Fans of gt and/or supernatural should give that blog a look, because there’s some quality writing of both over there. The contest has already attracted some really awesome entries, too! I’m adding mine into the fray.

The story is a slight AU of the Brothers Apart series. It takes place the night before Sam is cursed and shrunk by the witch.

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Walt stared up at Sam, and then at the digit extended towards him. He had no idea what he was supposed to do, but Sam’s enthusiasm for the gesture made him feel like he was supposed to do something. So, tentatively, wishing he wasn’t so monumentally stupid for staying when he could be running for cover, Walt reached out a hand. It was shaking, with a fear in the back of his mind that Sam would change his mind and snatch him up again. Humans could be fickle like that.

Sam waited patiently as Walt reached out. Eventually, his hand brushed against the tip of the boy’s finger. Before he could draw it away again, Sam curled the finger towards himself a little, and Walt nearly stumbled as his hand was pulled gently along.

Then, without grabbing or even looking like he planned to, Sam drew his hand away again. Walt stepped back and kept the boy’s face in his sight, still wearing a cautious, stern expression.

There was a pause that nearly became awkward before Walt spoke up again. “I need to go home now,” he said, watching the human’s face carefully. If Sam looked upset or like he might not want Walt to leave, he was ready to bolt.

Sam was full of more surprises. He didn’t even protest Walt’s assertion. Instead, he nodded. “Okay, Walt,” he replied. Then, he bit his lip, thinking hard about something. “If you want,” he spoke up again, “you could come and visit me again maybe. I think we’re staying here for a little bit while my dad … works. Since we’re friends now I’ll remember not to grab or anything!”

Walt pursed his lips, seeing the hopefulness in every inch of Sam’s bearing. “I’ll think about it,” he replied, taking several steps backwards and towards the bed. Sam watched him go, that hopeful look remaining.

When Walt finally turned to dart away under the bed, he thought to himself that he just might come and at least check on the kid the following night. He didn’t plan to reveal himself again, not to a human. Even one who had let him go once could always change his mind later.

But he might at least come to see.

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