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I sure did forget a thing. Unacceptable.

It’s also a hard question. I will stick to wood sprites for now, since my other sprites don’t necessarily fly the same way (some can’t fly at all). Wood sprites don’t have a set “style” of flying. Their wings are very bat like, so they can wheel around like bats if they want to, but they can also glide along pretty skillfully, too. They can dive like hawks or flit like sparrows.

Baby wood sprites do not become lactose intolerant after they’re weaned, but that’s not because they have a supply of the stuff in their diet. This comes back to the wood sprite metabolism question, and the fact that they can process so many things. They could digest cheese, for example, even if they’ve never had it before.

In Wellwood, they don’t eat eggs, but there are plenty of wood sprite communities out there that would happily gather eggs to eat, assuming they can sneak up without the parent birds noticing.

They’d really like cotton candy and they’d be zipping all over the place on so much unfettered sugar.


Fruit sugars are much better for them.

(Art by the wonderfully talented @mogadeer )

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