Outline for Salads and Sulfur

Hello, Oscar fans! Hopefully there’s been some time to read Salads and Sulfur, the second installment of my Food and Monsters fanfictions based on the wonderful Brothers Apart AU created by @nightmare06. If not, here are some links:

AO3 , Deviantart

( AO3 Link to BA )

Now, with all those links out of the way, I want to drop some trivia for Salads and Sulfur. I didn’t write it until the Brothers Apart contest was running, but I had actually had the outline written for several months. July 4 of 2015, I was celebratory and rather tipsy, and I sat down and outlined the entire story (some things changed from there).

I want to share this outline.


Oscar is checking out rooms, finds a note on a business card in Sam & Dean’s old room

Rolls his eyes like I’ll never call those guys but whatever

Keeps the card


Oscar is scoping a room

Has to hide when its occupants come in

One seems to be having a panic attack over something

Black smoke onoes, it goes into one of the humans

Other human dies horribly???

Oscar is freaked the hell out

Decides to try to get to a phone to call those weirdos because there just might be demons in town

They show up, it’s terrifying

Then there’s good food

Sam lectures Dean about healthy food, all snippy

Oscar must have all of it he is small and precious feed him

That done they interview the little guy about what was going on

He talks about what he overheard the hoomins talking about before and after demonic possession

Offered to go along to find the hoomin in question


Oscar thinks back to the first time he dealt with these guys, got grabbed up and dangled above the table

Also helped save kiddos

He’s gotta do what he can again to help

Even though Dean is hella scare

He points out who they’re looking for

Boys get ready for exorcism

Oscar is kind of amazed at how prepared they are

Goes along despite his better judgment

Helps when the demon seems to have surprised them (fucking demons)

Draws the devil’s trap on a flashlight projector and projects it so the demon can’t escape because there’s a trap on them ❤

Exorcism by Sammy the rad

They go back and li’l Oz gets pie yay

Oscar gives no shits about how unhealthy it is because it is pie jfc Sam

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