Brothers Lost Preview


“C’mon,” Jacob muttered, getting his finger and thumb pinched on the flat of the blade. It was delicate work, he realized, seeing that tiny hand clenched around the handle with a certain white-knuckled desperation. Jacob didn’t want to break the little weapon or the hand holding it, but he didn’t want to get sliced up either. It had to go, at least until he could calm the tiny man down.

The man fought back against his motions with a growing desperation, but nothing could stop the knife from slowly being pulled free of his grip. Jacob could have sworn he could feel the small legs trying to push against the inside of his fist for leverage during the short tug-of-war. One that he would have won instantly if he wasn’t doing his best to not hurt the little guy. Those fingers were tiny.

Once he managed to wrestle the knife free, he immediately set it down next to the tiny leather duffel bag for safe keeping. He stared with a faint frown at the cut on his finger before looking back at the little guy in his fist with a bemused look. “Gotta admit, I didn’t see that coming. Where’d you even get a knife like that?” he asked.

“What’s it to you?” Dean griped, still doing his best to struggle free of the constricting fingers wrapped all the way around him. “I don’t think they come in your size, Sasquatch!” The last thing he was going to do was open up to his captor and go Oh, hey. I made that as a test run for a present I wanted to make my little brother. Silver blade and all.

Excerpt from The Road Not Taken.

Wonderful artwork by @rerak-sketchbook!

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