Oscar Meets Jacob (2/5)

Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


Oscar barely slipped an inch before his back impacted against something wide and warm, with a tough surface and a little give to it. A pulse thudded behind his back and he realized it was the human’s palm.

Then, fingers and a thumb bigger than him snaked into view. They curled around Oscar faster than he could cry out or even lift his own hands to push at them, and soon enough they tightened around his small body. The light from above winked out as Oscar disappeared completely in a fist that could probably smash half his home with ease.

He yelped when a voice, a deep, rumbling voice, boomed overhead. “Gotcha!” The word sent ice into Oscar’s every nerve ending.

His bag was squashed into his side and his arms were pinned. Kicking was useless. Oscar couldn’t even see past the fingers securing him to the human’s palm. He really was ‘got.’

His stomach lurched and he thrashed as much as he could despite the clear futility. He shot up into the air in the human’s grip, and Oscar heard a thoughtful hum as the human contemplated his hand. A pause of only a second or two drew out into an age while Oscar struggled hopelessly. His heart felt ready to burst open.

The hand around him tilted and Oscar winced with vertigo. Then, as if in slow motion, the fist around him loosened just a little. Light broke in above his head and Oscar looked up with frantic, wide eyes.

In the window framed mostly by a huge index finger, Oscar saw a curious brown eye peeking in at him. It widened in surprise, and then the fist sealed shut around Oscar again. It turned with another uncomfortable lurch, and then all of the fingers arched up and away from him at once. Oscar rolled over onto the human’s suspended palm, almost six feet up in the air. He choked on another noise of fear at the very thought.

“Whoa,” the human breathed. Oscar pushed himself up to his hands and knees, and with the last of his strength before his elbows turned to jelly and gave out, shoved himself as far away from that curious face as he could. His back pressed against the arched fingers. Tears tickled the corners of his eyes.

Before he could make another move, the human’s thumb curled inwards and settled on his legs, pinning them. Oscar’s eyes widened and his heart beat so fast it was like it wasn’t beating at all.

“Hey, calm down,” the human whispered, even as he moved his hand closer to his face. His unrelenting curiosity bored into Oscar’s trembling form. Footsteps that Oscar couldn’t see jarred him all the way through the human’s arm while he walked away from the wall.

Oscar’s pulse pounded in his ears while the human openly stared at him. A drop and more flips in his stomach told him they’d reached the table, but Oscar focused on the thumb and prayed it wouldn’t snap his legs under it.

When they fell still again, he leaned forward and pushed at it with all he had. The tip of the thumb alone could probably cover his torso with ease.

“Hey, little guy, you’re okay,” the human boomed.

A shadow loomed closer, and Oscar looked up with a sharp gasp. The human’s other hand filled his vision, and Oscar threw his hands up in a quick defense. His whole body shook.

A thumb and finger closed around one of his arms. Oscar balked at the sight of his arm disappearing almost up to the elbow in that pinch grip. He tugged back on it, but he couldn’t pull himself free. Just like that, three of his limbs were trapped in no more than the human’s fingers.

“Wow. What are you, little guy?” the human asked with a grin.

Oscar couldn’t take it anymore. The constant reminders of his size, the huge voice, the huge hands were too much. The tears in his eyes spilled over and he drew in one hitched sob.

After that, it was easy for him to burst into tears.

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