Watching the World Go By


Jacob – Rain.

With an unspeaking appearance from @nightmares06‘s cursed Sam Winchester from our collaborative Supernatural AU, Brothers Adopted.

Reading Time: ~10 minutes

Jacob wasn’t allowed to venture off on his own. It hadn’t even been a year since his curse, and the size of everything could still stop him in his tracks sometimes to stare. The thimble they used for water should be too small to fit on his thumb, but he could dip both hands in it. Sam’s climbing hook was fit for a hefty backup weapon if he ever lost his silver knife, when normally it should be pinched in a couple fingers.

Jacob was small, and he wasn’t used to the way everything around him had gotten so huge, so harsh, so loud.

Even as he traversed the walls with Sam to find a good place to practice climbing, thunder rolled outside and rain pattered on a faraway roof. The power in both sounds could shake Jacob’s miniature body to the core, and he couldn’t help a flinch sometimes.

He had so many questions, every day. Most of the time, he left them unasked. When they were traversing the walls, silence was key. A human could hear their little voices by chance, and if they did, everyone in the motel would be at risk. Jacob didn’t know a lot about this life, but he  knew that he couldn’t endanger everyone just for his curiosity. So, in silence and trying to keep his shoes from scraping in the dust, he followed Sam.

Sam had been cursed ten years before Jacob. He’d been this size for over half his life now, and his shared experience drew Jacob to him like a moth to a candle. The other shrunken human had taken him under his wing quickly, as had Walt, an adopted father to both of them. Jacob had to be like them if he was to survive.

After a number of turns and backtracking, Jacob had a feeling Sam was trying to get him to memorize more of the layout of the motel. He had a map in his leather satchel that Sam had drawn himself years ago to help, and it immediately came to mind as their silent trek continued.

They came to what Jacob thought was a dead end until Sam tossed his hook into the air. Jacob hastily dug his twine-and-hook from his bag to mimic him. He didn’t want to be left behind, though he knew that his climbing and his hook throwing skills were both barely substantial compared to Sam. He’d had so much more practice.

So it happened that Sam was over halfway up the climb by the time Jacob managed to latch his hook and start up. He climbed carefully, Walt and Sam’s advice a constant mantra in his head as he ascended. His hands and legs strained to drag him up, inch by inch, and he dared not try to look around. If he could see anything, he would most likely notice how high up he was and slip. The friction burns from his twine climbing rope, he’d discovered, were no picnic.

He made it to the top and followed after Sam. They left their hooks right where they were for an easy return, and Jacob realized with relief that they must be nearing the end of whatever journey Sam led them on. Thunder crackled outside and Jacob jumped. Up higher, the rain was easier to hear. The two of them skirted carefully past vents that opened to the motel rooms below and that sound masked any noise their footsteps might have made.

Then, Sam pushed aside some wooden paneling and Jacob balked.

The panel led outside.

Jacob inched forward and glanced at Sam before slipping through the opening. He found himself in an alcove high up on the outer wall of the motel. Fat drops of rain clung to the edge of the alcove before dropping out of sight. The far back wall was a little damp, but largely the space was safe from the rain. It was the first time Jacob had been outside since his curse.

Cars in the parking lot gleamed from the rain washing away the dust of the road. Rushing rivers of water ran alongside the distant road, and the sky was grey and murky with the rain haze. The sound of the water pouring from the skies was sharp and clear up here, and Jacob felt like he could see forever.

He had a feeling this would not be the last time he and Sam would wander up here. Here, they were above the humans walking below, out of reach and safe. Here, they could watch the world they came from as it passed them by while they stayed. Stuck, small, and at times desperate.

At least they weren’t in it alone.

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