Rischa Songbird

I used a doll generator to make an approximation of what Rischa Songbird, Bowman’s young cousin, might look like when she’s a bit older. They didn’t have the leafy wings, so I had to kind of improvise, but there she is!

About Rischa

Rischa Songbird is the younger cousin of Bowman Leafwing. She is gifted with the Voice of the Spirit, which among my sprites means she has the closest connection with the Sprites that she can. Her connection with the Earth Spirit grants her empathy to the feelings and pains of others around her, as well as unmatched skill with healing Prayers. As she grows older, Rischa will become a well known figure in her home village of Wellwood thanks to her ability and her wisdom. She and other sprites with the Voice are the closest that they have to a religious leader.

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