Letters from Camp

Oops, and for yesterday I already forgot to do one of these. To be fair, I was writing prompts much of the day (and if you missed them, I’ll put up a post soon reminding everybody of which stories I posted new). The start of this story is coming pretty easily to me, though we’ll see if I keep up this momentum as I get into the real action. I made a lot of progress today, and I’m ahead of my goal for now, which is a huge relief!

Word Count: 4065 / 20000


Eberard smirked at Ness’ glare before addressing his subordinate with the most chilling words Ness had ever heard in his life: “Put him on the train.”

Ness’ eyes widened to an expression of unrestrained panic. The new Policeman saluted Eberard with an automatic “Yes, sir!” before turning a stunned Ness around and steering him away. There was no resistance to be found in the thief, who had retreated into his own thoughts.

His brow knitted and his eyes watched the ground beneath his feet, and he contemplated his sentence. “The train” had only only possible destination in store for him: Fora Prison, the most notorious penitentiary on the continent. The minimum stay in Fora lasted ten years. Ness would be in a cell on the edge of the known empire for at least a decade.

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