Letters from Camp

Oop, with the end of the weekend comes the slowing of the writing, but I am still well on track for my goal so far. Things are getting into a sequence that I didn’t fully plan out but rather have a vague idea, so we’ll see how it goes for the poor guy. I’m hoping that once I get over this small hurdle, it’ll be easier, because I’m soon to introduce another character into the mix whom I love and who is badass.

Word Count: 5653 / 20000


The arid, grassy landscape flew by, and Ness had to keep alert to avoid the sharp wind throwing him from the train. Landing out here would kill him one way or another. This far from any cities, he needed to be in good enough shape to get to safety.

Once seated on the window, Ness reached up carefully and grasped for the top edge of the train. His hand found desperate purchase, and then his grip was like steel. He cautiously reached the other hand up, while biting his lower lip in trepidation. The wind clawed at him now, with his body more than halfway outside the train.

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