No Harm In Wishing


Adrian – Wish.

Viri!Adrian from the A Little More Trust AU.

Reading Time: <5 Minutes

Keen blue eyes skated over the tall poster fixed to the wall with thick pushpins. The image was of a sunny photograph of a place labeled The Parthenon, located in Athens, Greece along with the name of the photographer. Those names meant nothing to Adrian; he didn’t know the person and he wouldn’t be able to find Greece on a map if it wasn’t labeled.

Even so, Adrian wished he could see this ‘Parthenon’ in person.

It would be a vast and broken building, made so long ago by humans that it was missing pieces. But, like all of the buildings pictured on his walls, the draw on his heart was almost tangible. All over the vast, vast world, humans had constructed things that Adrian almost wouldn’t believe could stand or last as long as they did.

His sketchbook, crafted so lovingly by his mother and aunts, was filled with sketches that recreated his photos as well as designs he made up himself. He could never build these houses and buildings that he envisioned, but the ideas kept coming anyway.

He released a wistful sigh. The past several nights had been spent staring at his pictures. Adrian contented himself with imagining, and wishing he could see the real places.

He knew he was too timid to manage such a thing. He was hardly brave enough to go out on his own to find his own place. Colfax had left three days ago, like he couldn’t wait to get out on his own. Adrian would take longer to work up that courage, and in the meantime he’d wish his friend hadn’t left so soon.

The life of a viri tended to be isolated and lonely. Adrian knew it, and he knew he’d have to venture out one day, as much for safety as for his own space. Living at a size barely taller than five inches was not an easy thing. It required secrecy and care that every viri had insisted upon them from the earliest age. There would be no changing such a fundamental fact of their lives.

There wasn’t any harm in wishing, though.

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