Letters from Camp

Yesterday was pretty awful for writing in this one. I got my count, but today I ended up having to edit it because it was garbage. Despite that, I fixed yesterday’s work and wrote around a thousand words for today! Things are getting ever closer to a scene I will love writing. I’m excited for the weekend to give me time to really hack away at this goal!

Word Count: 7521 / 20000


He shook his head and held up his hands placatingly. Then, he pointed at himself, and next at one of the toppled prison cars.

A bandit who hadn’t said anything stepped towards him. Ness flinched again when the man raised his hands, but there were no weapons in them. Instead, he watched as the bandit formed complex shapes and motions with his hands, one after the other like a fluid sentence, but with his hands.

Ness frowned in confusion at him, and the bandit’s mouth twisted into what he thought was a disappointed frown.

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