Letters from Camp

I’m still keeping up every day, though today I only got about 800 words in. I was out shopping and also taking walks because Pokemon Go is a serious distraction (Team Mystic represent). I’ve finally gotten to introduce a character that I’ve been wanting to write about for long before I ever signed on to do this camp thing. Very exciting!

Word Count: 9172 / 20000


“No tricks like that again, Remi, or I’ll break your fuckin’ hands,” the prisoner spat. Ness rubbed at his wrist and stared at the slot. Those eyes glared out, and with the unspoken order the blade was pulled from the door and stowed again. Even Calista watched with surprised eyes.

“We’re gonna give this fella his chance, aren’t we? Since you two agreed to it anyway. We’re supposed to be better than the Korvasinians, right?” that voice continued, steady and commanding. Whoever this was had sway over the bandits despite being locked in a box. “Go on, kid.”

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