Letters from Camp

And I made a lot more progress than I expected today! Still not quite 1k words, but more than I had planned (and more than I need to keep on track). I’ve begun writing a different character, and I love her already. I swear, she’s just like her brother when she takes the wheel on the story!

Word Count: 11760 / 20000


“Miss?” a timid voice called from her doorway, drawing Leah Stride from her thoughts. She looked up, her eyebrows rising just so and her lips parting in a show of delicate surprise. Like the careful, coiled braids tying her rich brown hair back, every bit of Leah’s demeanor was put in place with utmost care.

She could never relax from playing her part, but if it meant what she hoped, she would continue until the day she no longer breathed. “Yes, El?” she greeted the young maid with a pretty smile that reached her cornflower eyes.

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