Letters from Camp

Getting my writing out of the way early today! Somehow I slept very late and then woke up thinking there was no way I’d get much writing done today. Then I sat myself down and some words happened, enough for me to call it a good day. Hooray!

Word Count: 14115 / 20000


Ness hadn’t learned very much sign yet from the others in the group, but they did teach him the alphabet. With slow, halting movements that Calista watched with a surprising patience, he asked her, “You … c r o s s … o f t e n”, raising his eyebrows to make it a question.

Calista shook her head. “I do not, but others do. I am keep at home for safety. Don’t want them to know we have warlocks.”

That brought up many questions, but Ness pointed out towards the desert and signed, “H o m e?

Her face was covered, but Ness could swear the enigmatic woman was smiling. “No place like,” she replied. “You will see.”

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