Letters from Camp

This is my final letter from camp, since it is the final day of Camp Nanowrimo 2016. I have great news! Despite shirking on any writing for two days in a row, I pulled out around 900 words to finish off my goal. It’s a good point in the story to give it a rest, too, while I figure out what will happen next. I’m glad I could make it despite more than once having zero motivation! I made it anyway~

Final Word Count: 20042 / 20000


There was a note next to the small container, scrawled in more elegant common than Ness might have expected from Aaron:

Ness, here’s some better food instead of the rations from the trip. Wander around if you want. If you have to pick a lock to get through a door, might be better to leave it be for now.

~ Aaron Stride

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