Bowman and Pokemon

Bowman’s a tough one to figure out! The temptation is to go with an all grass/flying team, because it’s Bowman, but in the effort of both balance and making sense I branched out a little. I tried to think of the things Bowman might be able to actually find in the forest.

Here goes!

Breloom! An adorable mushroom that’s ready to fight.

Leavanny, an elegant bug/grass pokemon.

Ninjask, a speedy flying/bug pokemon. It’s a cicada, which I imagine there are plenty of those in the woods.

Furret, a fluffy adorable little guy. Bowman can throw him acorns from up in the trees.

Sylveon, the quintessential fairy type.

For a starter, Bowman would probably choose Froakie. So he’d have a Greninja to cap off his team.

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