Favorite Story Elements

Ahhh my goodness! Thank you! ❤

My favorite part to write in stories is hard to pin down. There’s a lot of fun to be had! I have to go with my top three.

1. I’m a detail nut, so getting a chance to just … describe things is really fun for me. Something about trying to put the reader in a scene is too tempting to pass up.

2. We all love a good first encounter (especially us g/t folk), but I’m also fond of writing about that awkward phase that comes right after a first meeting. When everyone’s just trying to figure each other out (or they’re hating on each other, depending). There’s good opportunity for some hilarious interactions in this phase and I love it.

3. Generally, I also like writing The Part Where the Protagonist Gets In Trouble. The point that changes a story from a drabble to a much bigger commitment. I love writing the little stories, but there’s this electric feeling when you realize I could do so much more with this. And then you do. And the words come and it’s great because the story is carrying you along with it.

Thank you so much for asking, and for the kinds words! ;u;

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