Fairy Tales Lore Bits #3

The wings of the major sprite varieties are varied, sort of as a reflection of the varying personalities of the Spirits that created them.

Wood Sprites have two leaf-like wings each, vibrant green and shaped vaguely like bat’s wings. These wings are dexterous and speedy, and give wood sprites some of the best aerial mobility out of any variety. They also contain chlorophyll and enable the sprites to photosynthesize for energy just like any plant.

Shadow Sprites are naturally wingless. They use the magic borrowed from their Spirit to weave shadows into cloth, and they shape that cloth into cloaks that they use as wings. Oftentimes shadow sprites can be mistaken for bats in the night sky.

Water Sprites have four wings on their backs much like butterflies do. Their wings, however, are not for flight but for swimming; they are excellent fins that enable them to jump high above the water but not to fly. Depending on which body of water they live in, the finwings of the water sprites can have different shapes or patterns.

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