Character Asks

Ooo, good ones! Thanks, friend! (x)

4. A character you rarely talk about?

One guy I don’t get to talk about much anymore is Trace. He’s one of my first ever OCs, and good lord has he evolved! So many of the generic aspects of his design have been updated and revamped, and now the only thing left really is his love of all things grey/silver.

He’s a mind god now, though he started life as a mere sorcerer. At one point he was an alien, but now he has a home in the pantheon for my Muunfel project.

Trace is a very monotone kind of fella. It’s pretty much impossible to tell by looking what he’s up to or what he might be thinking. He has a lot of power at his disposal, and sometimes he’s a bit reckless with it in the most terrifyingly uninterested way. Sometimes he regrets going too far. Sometimes (usually if it’s his family complaining about it) he just rolls his eyes and promises they’ll get over it.

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Ha. Yes. Yes I have.

Elias Dawn, the son of a trickster god, comes to mind first because of course he does. He’s got mischief in his DNA, and sometimes he literally can’t resist the call to mess something up just for the sake of messing it up. Being able to shapeshift helps him out a lot in times like that.

Eral the arbor pixie, though he might roll his eyes a lot at Elias and complain about his antics, is often right along with him. He really can’t deny that pixie tendency, either. He’s just a lot smaller than Elias so it’s easy to mix up just who has more trouble up their sleeves.

Bowman Leafwing is also a little rascal a lot of the time. When he’s not scolding giants, anyway. Don’t trust a Leafwing.

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?

That’s a tricky one. I never get as many comments on my work as I’d like, so I don’t know exactly how people are characterizing my OCs sometimes.

One thing that comes to mind, I guess, is my own doing. XD A lot of people only see Oscar as a meek, adorable little passive guy. He definitely is all of those things, but I do love the rare opportunities to show off how brave the little guy actually is. He’s one of the bravest characters I have, despite his first instinct being to curl up into a tiny ball when there’s trouble.

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