Chase In Lilliput

Chase Lisong & the word is “Trap” (I’ll do the other questions in separate posts, worry not!)

This is …. probably not precisely what anon had in mind for this character/word combo, but I have been waiting for a reason to go ahead and write this silly little AU. So, here we have the unveiling of Lilliputian!Chase. Don’t worry, he’s still the same little dork he is in any universe, and this is definitely not the last we’ll see of him.

All it took was one misplaced step, and suddenly Chase didn’t have solid ground under him. His arms flailed up from his sides in a desperate bid to grab onto a branch or vine or something, but they only found air. He tilted uncontrollably and toppled, claimed by the slope.

He rolled down a muddy hill, miraculously avoiding rocks and thick tree trunks while crushing small ferns instead. Twigs scratched his face and his eyes shut tight as he tried to stop his descent. He wasn’t far from the seaside cliffs, and the knowledge seized his breath in his chest.

And then he reached the edge.

The sun blinded Chase’s already-confused vision as the trees and underbrush suddenly parted. His yelp of terror to find only open air around him was swallowed by the rushing wind and the steady crash of the waves on the nearby shore. The cliffs at the edge of the coast were a few stories high at their shortest; the fall would break him on the sand below.

He only flailed and twisted in the air for a second or two before the impact. However, instead of a bone breaking, Chase was only greeted by the sound of his own breath rushing out. He bounced on a much softer surface than he had expected, and finally came to a winded stop with his face down and his body shuddering with adrenaline.

The wind rushed and the ocean crashed, but he was alive. Chase had to take slow breaths just to avoid an asthma attack.

As the terror of the fall wore off, Chase finally assessed his surroundings. His head lifted and he frowned. An expanse of strange blue material surrounded him, with thick fibers sticking out of some of the more worn spots. Chase moved his hands around on the space he’d landed, threading his fingers through the fibers. It was cloth, as if someone had erected an enormous tent on the beach.

Another few seconds of confused staring later, Chase flinched as everything dropped under him. He clung to the blue material and held his breath as whatever it was seemed to collapse slowly under his weight.

Then, it stopped moving, and rose instead.

Chase pushed himself up to his knees in a rush as more air gusted nearby, and broadened his examination of everything around him. Part of him had already figured out where he had somehow landed, but the rest of him fought the notion as hard as it could. It was just an old story.

He looked to one side and blanched. Beyond more of that thick blue fabric, Chase finally saw the source of the slow rushes of air. The underside of a jaw and part of a face lay in the distance, connected to the “hill” he’d landed on.

Now it made sense. He’d rolled off a cliff and landed on the stomach of a giant sleeping just beneath it.

A giant. In Lilliput. Again.

“Oh, holy shit,” Chase blurted, the first coherent words he’d said since he announced that he was going for a stroll on the beach. He never expected to bring back news like this.

Getting to his feet was hard. The giant’s stomach gave him a soft landing and saved his life, but the steady rise and fall thwarted his attempts to find balance. He needed to climb down, but the simple act of a giant breathing kept him where he was. More than one curse muttered out of his lips before he finally got his feet under him.

He was so focused on standing that he didn’t notice motion to the side until it was too late. When he looked towards the ocean, away from the cliffs that had just dumped him onto a giant, he flinched back and landed on his rear.

A shadow crept over him as a hand blindly lifted from the giant’s side. Chase stared wide-eyed at fingers that were each bigger than his body.

The hand was coming for him.

Chase yelped and scrambled backwards, kicking at the thick cloth of the giant’s shirt. He whipped his gaze to the side, expecting to find a pair of giant eyes staring at him. His breathing was quick but his brow pinched in confusion when he saw that the giant was still asleep.

He was too late to do any more. The hand found him, an instinctive motion from a tickle against the giant’s stomach. Chase choked on another cry of alarm as the shadow eclipsed everything despite his efforts to scoot away.

Giant fingers arched overhead and the massive heel of that hand settled against the surface below. Chase turned over to try crawling, but the hand lowered over him and forced him down against the giant’s abdomen with a heavy palm. He could feel its pulse.

The fingertips curled towards him abruptly, bunching up the fabric and jostling him against the palm again. Then they retreated, only to do the same motion several times.

Chase had merely tickled the giant. He was barely an itch. The unconscious motion was nothing for that hand, but Chase found himself wedged beneath it with that thick cloth. He couldn’t stop it.

When the confusion and motion stopped, he was trapped. A heavy sigh rushed out overhead, and the world dropped in time with it. Chase was pinned between a hand and a stomach, surrounded by a giant pulse and radiant body heat. A thumb rested in front of him, and the edge of the giant’s hand ensured he couldn’t even kick his legs.

Fuck, I’m in trouble.

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