Chase In Lilliput – Got Any Better Ideas?

Whaaat, content on the blog? I’ve been super busy with other writing projects that are too big to post here, so this one has slacked off a bit. However, rest assured that I love these dorks and will continue with them. 🙂

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Chase smirked and folded his hands behind his head. “So, uh. I’m gonna make a few guesses about what happened, stop me if I’m wrong. Ready?” he asked.

It was Jacob’s turn for a bemused look. He tilted his head and leaned forward slightly to pay closer attention. “Yeah, I guess. Guess away.”

Chase nodded, his smirk glued to his face. “Alright. You’re from somewhere where everyone’s your size and even the trees and stuff are bigger,” he said, pleased to see Jacob’s eyebrows lift. “Nice. That one was easy though. Next one. You were on a boat and there was a storm or something that took ya off course?”

Jacob’s brow furrowed and he tilted his head. “Um,” he began, glancing around as if he suddenly suspected someone else to pop around a corner somewhere and yell Surprise! “I think so, but uh. I don’t actually remember a lot,” he admitted.

That caught Chase off guard, but only for a second. He had only the old stories to go by, but if they were only stories, they couldn’t be all correct. “Well, okay,” he conceded, crossing his arms thoughtfully. “But you’re here now, which is kind of a big deal.”

Jacob gave him a flat look. “Really?”

Chase grinned, an impish expression. “No pun intended.”

“Sure,” Jacob said, mirroring Chase’s look with his own smile. His hand left where it rested and approached again. Chase’s eyebrows shot up and he took a few steps back, but he couldn’t move fast enough to avoid one giant fingertip poking him in the side. He stumbled slightly from the contact. “You’re a real comedian, aren’t ya,” Jacob teased.

Chase swatted at the giant hand, and it snatched back out of his range. “Watch it!” he warned. “Anyway, we gotta find out what to do about this. I mean, it’s not every day a giant just washes up on the beach, y’know? People are gonna go nuts!

Jacob’s eyes were wide. “Wait. Other people … y’mean your size, right?”

Chase rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m a little on the short side, but yeah. Which is why you’re the giant, remember?”

Jacob rubbed at his arm absently. “Right, yeah. I just … never had to think about something like this before. They’re not gonna come out here and, uh, shoot me down or something, are they?”

Chase’s smirk faded. Suddenly he saw Jacob for what he was, just another person close to his age, lost and confused. Surrounded by the unfamiliar. “Nah, man. They’ll have to go through me first, right? I’ll vouch for ya.”

There was a pause, and then Jacob smiled. There was still tension in his demeanor, but it had lessened. Whatever he’d had to deal with already, he didn’t need more trouble. It wouldn’t be fair to let everyone else panic about him and possibly go on the offensive.

“Guess you’re my tour guide around here,” Jacob determined. “This place have a name?”

Chase snickered. “Dude. Of course it does.” Then, he spread his arms to his sides to indicate the beach, empty but for the two of them. “Jacob, you’ve washed up on the shore of Lilliput. Welcome, I extend the olive branch of peace, blah blah blah … did I miss anything?”

Jacob shrugged, a gesture that could probably knock a shed over if he was lying down. “Don’t ask me,” he replied. “I’m the foreigner here, remember?”

Chase rolled his eyes. “Whatever. But really, it’s probably better if someone else knows you’re out here … I mean, hiding just won’t work for ya.”

Jacob pursed his lips and glanced around. No one else popped out to point and scream at him, but he looked like the worry crossed his mind. “Um. Right,” he muttered. “I guess … maybe you should just lead the way? I can follow.”

When the giant shifted, the ground quaked. Chase glanced down in surprise as the tremors nearly threw off his balance, and when he looked back up Jacob had moved so he was kneeling with one hand planted on the ground. It pressed into the sand, preparing to push Jacob up to his full height.

“Wait!” Chase said, holding up his hands frantically. Jacob froze, staring down at him with wide eyes, and for a moment they were still, exchanging surprised expressions.

“Sorry … did I knock something over?” Jacob asked uncertainly, glancing around himself. All he found was sand.

“N-no,” Chase replied, trying to recover from his jolt. “It’s just. Uh. You look like you’ve got pretty long legs, so it wouldn’t be you keeping up with me, y’know?”

Jacob blinked, and then glanced down at himself. He was ragged and worn out from his apparent shipwreck, but more importantly, he was huge. His strides would be something like twenty of Chase’s. “Oh,” he said, and then grinned sheepishly. “You’re right.”

Chase nodded. “So maybe-Ah!” He didn’t get to finish his thought before a hand rushed forward to meet him and scooped his legs out from beneath him. Chase fell backwards onto a giant palm and left the ground behind in the same motion.

“Dude, what the hell!” Chase blurted, scrambling to the center of Jacob’s palm as he lifted a few stories in the air to be eye level with the giant.

“You can just point the way for me,” Jacob said, smirking at how flustered Chase was. “Problem solved, right?”

Chase stared back at him, an incredulous look on his face. “But you- just- really?!” he sputtered, finally crossing his arms. He didn’t have an argument against Jacob’s plan. He’d been about to suggest it himself.

The damn giant was just too fast for him.

“Fine, yeah,” he conceded. “But don’t you dare drop me, Jacob. I mean it.”

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