Chase in Lilliput – Panic! In the Streets (1/2)

The people (some of the people) have spoken, and I had some more of this lying around waiting to post, so here’s some more shenanigans in Lilliput. This time, we get some of Jacob’s perspective on the whole ordeal. And a look at just how dorky Chase is from someone else’s point of view.

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Jacob’s brow pinched, an expression of worry and bemusement. “I’m not gonna drop you,” he assured. Chase was way too little to think about letting him fall or get hurt. As if to confirm his words, his fingers curled closer. “I’ve gotcha.”

Chase rolled his eyes, an expression that even Jacob noticed. The little guy definitely had a flair for the dramatic. Jacob found himself wondering if everyone else in this Lilliput place was like that.

Guess I’m about to find out.

With Chase sitting securely on his palm, Jacob held him close to his chest. If Chase started to slip or felt insecure, there was a wall there to lean on. The cloth of Jacob’s jacket alone would be sturdy enough for such a small person to cling to for safety.

Assured that Chase was okay and out of things to think about to stall, Jacob finally stood.

It was a simple motion, but he’d never felt like he rose up so high before. The little shelf of land that he knew was a cliff barely passed his knees, and the trees clustered over it were spindly compared to his hands. They provided a nice reminder of how far from normal he’d ended up. Somehow.

“Hah-holy shit,” a little voice piped up from his hand. Jacob glanced down to see Chase looking around avidly, tiny eyes wide and mouth gaping. He almost looked dazed.

“Doin’ alright?” Jacob asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m great,” Chase squeaked out. “Nothing to it, this giant-riding business. I’m cool.”

Jacob snickered, though inwardly he hoped Chase wouldn’t have another of those attacks. Jacob wasn’t prepared to take care of the little guy if that kept happening, no matter that his canteen was big enough for Chase to swim in. Water would only help so much.

“Okay, so, which way do I go?” he asked, still keeping an eye on his hand.

Chase looked around, probably getting his bearings from so high up. Then, he pointed a tiny hand inland. “Right over there, big guy. See the flags?”

Jacob looked and his eyebrows shot up. Beyond some gently rolling hills, he could indeed see colorful banners waving in a breeze. Stone walls that probably didn’t rise any higher than the cliffs next to him surrounded a city of miniature houses. It was barely five minute’s walk from him, if he were to guess.

The only reason he hadn’t noticed it right away was because of the tiny little guy seated on his hand. That still held most of his focus.

“Okay … so, what, you want me to just walk up to it?” he asked dubiously.

Chase snickered. “What else were you thinking, doing a jig? If that’s your plan, maybe I better wait on the ground after all. Somewhere out of range, maybe.”

Jacob threw him a flat look and nudged his shoulder with a thumb. “Smartass,” he groused. “I meant is that gonna start a panic?”

Chase paused, and then shrugged. “I guess it might,” he admitted. “But if it does, I’ll talk to someone and it’ll get sorted out. You’re gonna have to go over there sometime, might as well do this quick.”

Jacob wasn’t completely convinced. He hedged, long enough that Chase tilted his head back to look at him. They had a brief staredown, and then Chase grinned wide, saying nothing.

Confident little guy, Jacob noted, before heaving a sigh. Some tiny birds flying nearby squawked at him. “Okay, fine. I’ll try it. But I’m gonna be a little upset if everyone shoots at me, just sayin’.”

Chase laughed. “They’re not gonna shoot at you. You have a hostage!”

Jacob frowned. “That’s not-”

“Dude, I know,” Chase interrupted. “Come on, just trust me a little, won’tcha? You’ll be fine, I’ll wave at them and everything. It’ll be cool.”

Jacob scoffed, but it was more amused than cynical. He finally took a step, aiming to skirt around the seaside cliffs. If he tried to step up onto them, he’d probably uproot several trees.

Besides. Someone else could be hiding in there.

He watched his steps as he went, walking along the beach as if he wasn’t something like a hundred feet tall. It was like a bizarre dream. The little weight occasionally shifting around on his hand proved that he was awake. He was playing a giant taxicab for a guy smaller than his fingers.

Jacob wasn’t comforted when, upon finding a way farther from the beach and onto the rolling hills, he spotted other little people in the distance. They were clearly sprinting away from him, darting towards that tiny city. His height left him visible in the daytime, so people for miniature-miles around could probably spot him.

Despite Chase’s assurances, coming closer to that city made him nervous.

“I don’t think I should get any closer,” he muttered. Even keeping his voice down, there was no way Chase missed it.

“But you’re not a danger,” Chase insisted. “Right?” He glanced up with a discerning frown.

Jacob rolled his eyes. Considering Chase was several stories up on a giant hand, it was a bit late to have second thoughts. To assuage his worries, Jacob nodded. “But that doesn’t mean they know that. I think people are literally running and screaming in the streets.”

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