Chase in Lilliput – Panic! In the Streets (2/2)

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Chase’s eyes were almost comically wide when Jacob glanced down at him. “Shit, really?” He crawled closer to the edge of Jacob’s hand and used his thumb like a support rail. Perking up, the little guy could finally see into the city.

“Oh, man, I didn’t think everyone would panic this bad!”

“Are you kidding?” Jacob asked, exasperated. “What’d you mean when you said everyone would go nuts if you didn’t mean this?” He was beginning to think Chase didn’t think any of this through.

“I … I didn’t think it through!” Chase blurted back. “So sue me! I thought people would point and gawk, not run!

Jacob had to resist the urge to run his free hand down his face. They could still figure this out. Probably. “Okay … uh. I think we should come up with a plan B before everyone decides they’re gonna roll out the cavalry or something.”

Chase, despite the situation, snickered. “C’mon, you don’t think it’ll be that bad, right? Just go closer and drop me off, I’ll go find someone.”

Jacob shook his head. “Dude, no. I’m not going closer to a city full of people that are already freaking out. You gotta walk the rest of the way.”

“What?” Chase said, but then immediately wrapped both arms around Jacob’s thumb as Jacob lowered himself down. Any protests were lost as Jacob crouched to his knees and then sat carefully on one of the hills in his path.

He spotted what had to be a dirt road within arm’s reach, and held his hand out away from his chest as soon as he was seated. Chase clung to his thumb, not relenting at all. Even when Jacob’s hand was settled like a ramp onto that road, Chase hung on out of sheer surprise.

“Dude, what the hell?” he griped, finally letting go so he could tumble to Jacob’s palm.

Jacob raised his eyebrows. “Way I see it, you’re the one who told me to come over here and it caused a riot. You gotta run in there and figure stuff out.”

Chase got to his feet with some effort, wobbling as Jacob’s palm gave under his tiny weight. “You’re gonna make me walk all that way to stop a panic?” he complained. Even as he groused, he walked carefully off Jacob’s hand, using one finger like a balance beam until he could hop down to the ground.

Jacob smirked. “Well, you were planning on walking all the way back anyway, right? Til you landed on me. I was just minding my own business.”

Chase’s shoulders slumped and he looked up to the sky in an exaggerated pout. “But dude, my entrance would have been so rad if I was on a giant!” he complained.

Jacob tried not to grin at the little guy, but seeing that even Chase was about to crack up he couldn’t help it. “Is that what you’ve been after,” he said, reaching down again to poke Chase in the side. The little guy stumbled as usual and flailed his arms at the intruding hand.

Chase huffed and put his hands on his hips. “Maybe. I mean, how awesome would it be if I came back home telling a giant where to walk? Badass.”

Jacob rolled his eyes. “Listen, if you convince them not to panic and bomb the shit out of me, and then come back, I’ll carry you again. Just gotta go ahead and let them know I’m coming first, okay?”

Chase crossed his arms, the smirk still there on his bitty face. It was tempered with a thoughtful look. “I guess that’s fair,” he determined. Then, turning towards the city on the road, he gave Jacob a casual wave over his shoulder. “Just wait here for me, ‘kay? I’ll be back in no time at all.”

Jacob waved his hand in a casual salute as Chase walked off, and then wondered if someone nearby was hiding away, seeing what was happening. His motions were probably huge to them, like a building moving around or something. That was weird.

Even the grass on the hill he’d chosen for a seat was way softer than anything he knew, like a thin layer of green down. He ran a hand over it, creating green waves and upending a few rocks. Birds, little tiny ones that looked like flies to him, fluttered into the air and he grinned. My bad.

He settled down on the hill to wait, hoping that when Chase returned, he wouldn’t have a bunch of guys with guns following behind him.

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