Changing Hands (5/5)

Welcome back to the sad Oscar AU. The unfortunate adventure continues for the little guy, as another upset in his new normal changes things again.

Mina’s part was written by @nightmares06, who graciously helped to bring even more terror to Oscar’s life.

Sad Oscar AU )

Thomas hummed thoughtfully even as he lowered his hand to the table. His tiny passenger, still covering his face, wasn’t prepared for the hand to tilt. He tumbled again, landing on hands and knees while Thomas deliberated.

Oscar looked up tentatively while the answer came. “He did take a little work to get him healthier. And like you said, not many are caught in their prime. Fifty five.”

Oscar pushed himself to his feet and shuffled backwards. The cold demeanor from both humans was almost tangible. His gaze fell to the camera in Mina’s hand and he shuddered. Cameras were bad news for someone like him. He took a few more steps backwards.

A huge hand dropped behind him and Oscar squeaked in surprise. Thomas pointedly pushed him back to where he’d dumped him to the table. “Don’t wander,” rumbled overhead, and Oscar winced, but didn’t try to step back again.

Mina appeared to consider as she pointed the camera at Oscar– or Oliver, as she knew him. The device whirred to life, the lens slipping out from between two sliding planes of metal as the glass eye winked at Oscar in the light.

The camera flashed, and Mina was putting it away in her purse. “I suppose for one so tame it will be worth it,” she commented. “Very well. Fifty-five.”

Oscar covered his eyes too late for the flash, blinded for a few seconds. Even after his time in captivity, his eyes were more adjusted to the dark within the walls and floorboards back at the motel. He couldn’t have prepared for the sudden burst of light aimed right at him when he was stuck staring nervously at the camera’s eye.

“We have a deal,” Thomas said, already taking most of his attention off Oscar. Oscar glanced up, hearing the greed in the man’s voice. Whatever was happening to him was almost over, and soon he’d belong to Mina instead. Thomas solidified it with a smirk and an added “Appreciate your business, as always.”

The transaction had happened so quickly. Too fast, too sudden, much like humans always were. Oscar brushed more tears away from his eyes and his legs wobbled until he fell to his knees on the table. He could try to run now, while the humans were dealing with that precious paper they loved so much, but something told him his luck wouldn’t allow it. He could only watch.

“Keep bringing me little gems like this one and you’ll keep being rewarded,” Mina assured him. The last item to come out of her purse was a thick stack of unmarked bills, provided by her benefactors for just this purpose. “You can let Noriko know he’ll have a good home… in time.” She held out the cash.

That drew a chuckle out of Thomas as he took the money. “She’ll perk right up in no time,” he assured. Then, he idly set the box Oscar arrived in on the table so he could count his money and stash it in a pocket. The box landed barely a few inches away, and Oscar flinched away from it with a startled noise.

Immediately after his reaction, Oscar couldn’t resist the temptation to crawl behind the box, putting it between himself and the towering humans. With an imaginary shield in place, his breathing shuddered and he choked on more sobs. What would be a familiar motel room setting loomed around him, a faraway ceiling and unfamiliar decor pressing in on him.

Thomas’ shadow on the wall made its way towards the door, and Oscar’s eyes stung again.

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