Taking Off

Oscar has been sold to the frigid Mina Chandler. Unfortunately, that isn’t the last he’s seen of troublesome changes in his life, as her job is merely to deliver. But to where, Oscar has no clue.

Sad Oscar AU )

The roaring grew, and Oscar curled into a tighter ball. He was in the dark, but that was at least a comfort. The world around his small box prison shook with the sound of that massive engine, but he couldn’t see it at all. He didn’t have to watch the scary world that had swallowed him up and refused to release him.

He was an object. And he’d been sold.

He didn’t know where the plane was destined to go. The faint sensation of speed wormed in his gut as the enormous machine taxi’d, and he knew that wherever he was headed was far from his home. His space in a little motel in Breckenridge, Colorado was way beyond his reach now.

Oscar covered his ears with his hands to muffle the sound of that roaring engine, and thought of home. His makeshift table and spools for chairs. The shabby curtain in front of his pantry. The velvety ring box he used as a comfortable cushion while he worked on his sewing. A pile of blankets that he could burrow into to sleep at night and hide from the cold.

The plane jostled and shook as it picked up speed. Oscar grimaced and dragged the one piece of cloth he’d been given closer to himself. It didn’t hide him nearly enough.

The shaking suddenly changed. No more rumbles from speeding along the ground shook through his small body, only the engine’s roaring.

Gravity caught up as, a moment later, the world lurched upwards. Oscar cried out in fear and curled up again as an unseen force pushed him down into the bottom of the box. He was flying. It was just like the soaring feeling of a human grabbing him up, but thousands of times worse. The changing altitude hurt his ears like someone was pressing on either side of his head.

Oscar let his tears free. The pressure around his skull and concentrating on his ears hurt more than any headache he’d ever had. He couldn’t hear past the pounding in his own head as his body tried to cope with leaping miles into the air. For several long minutes, the pain drowned out all thoughts of where he was going. He couldn’t see the earth dropping away, but the terror of the very thought gripped him tight.

The entire plane shuddered again. Oscar was jostled out of his corner of the box and tossed against the opposite side by the turbulence. It knocked the wind out of him, but he didn’t take long to resume his frantic sobbing. The muscles in his hands hurt from clutching his blanket so tightly.

As the pressure mounted on his head and the fear and panic crackled through his every nerve, Oscar reached his breaking point. By the time the plane leveled off to carry him to his next destination, he was out cold.

At least in sleep he didn’t have to think. Blackness claimed him and his mind hid away from the fear of the unknown.

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