Chase In Lilliput – Can We Keep Him?

It’s been a while! After all the sad Oscar spam I think it’s definitely time for an update on Chase and the new giant he found on the beach. He’s gotta make sure everyone knows his giant is totally chill. Just give him a chance, dude!

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It wasn’t as easy as Chase thought to avert a panic. Everyone was running and hiding, and some people were trying to figure out if they needed to evacuate. He had a hard time making his way to the city center through all the crowds of people milling around.

At least some confusion started to settle in. When Jacob didn’t storm the walls and start knocking stuff down, people didn’t know what to think of the situation. Chase was smirking by the time he reached the authorities, even though they were clear that this was no laughing matter.

They almost didn’t believe that he was the one to tell the giant to walk towards the city. No amount of “My bad, my bad!” put them at ease.

In the end, he was shuffled into meetings with police and politicians, quick handshakes and hurried explanations. There were a few people under the impression that he had somehow escaped the terrible giant’s clutches and congratulated his bravery. The mayor almost called him a hero.

My ego doesn’t need this, he told himself, while letting people pat him on the back for his deeds.

At length, he managed to get a word in and explain the truth. People didn’t believe it at first. What did some kid know? He might have gotten kicked out of the building for trying to make light of a serious situation, if not for a report coming in. The giant was just sitting there, well out of town.

“Well, yeah, I told him to wait there,” Chase cut in. “He’s a pretty good listener, apparently. And he’s not here to destroy anything, he just washed up on the beach. Y’know, just like the last time there was a giant around here.”

After that came some paperwork and more bluster and arguing from the guys who still wanted to go and fight the giant. Chase was glad Jacob had sent him in after all; the big guy was right. It wouldn’t have gone well for him if everyone decided to attack him.

When things were tied up in arguments on what to do next, Chase slipped out of the room. Now that the panic was stalled, it would be a good time to prove that Jacob wasn’t dangerous. People in town were milling around now, gossip spreading like wildfire. Chase smirked at some of the theories.

“It’s just a hoax. They’ll explain it soon.”

“It’s gotta just be like some kind of movie thing.”

“Military experiment, maybe?”

That one got Chase to chuckle all the way to the main archway out of the city. If people were actually paying any attention, they’d see Jacob in the near distance just sitting there. There was no way that was some kind of military experiment or even a movie stunt. He wasn’t being exciting enough for it.

Chase glanced back and saw some people from the central building bustling towards him. One looked like a cop, maybe, and the other was an aide for some middling politician. The poor guy had drawn the short straw for following Chase out to the main city entrance.

“Where are you going, kid?! The giant’s still right there!” the officer complained, out of breath.

Chase shrugged. “I was gonna go get him,” he answered, pleased that he kept a straight face. It made their alarmed reactions even better. “I explained why he’s here, so things are cool, right? He’s totally safe to come closer.”

“But … he’s a giant! ” the aide sputtered.

Chase raised his eyebrows expectantly. No further protests came so he pointedly glanced from side to side. “Yeah. We all noticed. If you’ll believe it he actually hardly noticed himself until I had to pound the fact into his head. I think he’s just worn out.”

“Worn out,” the police officer echoed. “Listen, kid, you can’t just bring a giant up to the city.”

Chase held his hands out beseechingly. “Dude, I totally already did that. Didn’t think it through, but hey. Everyone’s fine, Jacob’s just chillin’, see?”

The others looked past him for a second before returning their increasingly confused attention back to Chase. He grinned, giving them as much charisma as he could. “C’mon. Let me just go get him. He’s a big ol’ marshmallow, you’ll see.”

He turned to jog through the archway before they could argue more. Chase could have sworn one of them tried to swipe at his shoulder, pull him back, but they didn’t follow. No one wanted to go running towards the humongous giant. After spending some time trapped under a hand just accidentally, he couldn’t really blame them.

His jog didn’t last long. Chase had to slow to a determined walk before his lungs gave up on him again, but at least he had a clear direction to go. Even sitting down, there was no missing Jacob’s tall silhouette.

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