Giant Jacob and Lilliputian Chase


“No way,” he protested, waving at the cliffs with emphasis. “Check out those cliffs, and the trees up there! You are a giant!”

The giant looked aside and his eyebrows lifted slightly as he noticed. The trees standing atop the shoreside cliffs were tall compared to Chase, but none of them would come to even half the giant’s height. 

“Ah. Okay,” he admitted, glancing back to Chase. The giant smiled faintly again, a fascinated and amused look. “Guess I am. But you can just call me Jacob.”

A prompt for @paigethefiremage, of @neonthebright‘s characters Chase and Jacob (the exerpt above is from her story Chase in Lilliput). I’m always up for drawing Jacob, and this story so far is great, so I think it’s entirely fitting that I sketch out a scene. ^^ My only regret is that I didn’t get to really show Chase- maybe another time.

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