Chase In Lilliput – All That Introduction Stuff (1/2)

And here we are again with another update from Chase and his new giant. This one will actually be the last in this initial sequence of Chase finding the giant and deciding to keep him. After this I’ll jump around with other shorts, musings, etc. If you have ideas for the dorks to get into, you should definitely send them my way. :V

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It didn’t take long for Jacob to notice Chase’s return. The giant eyes glanced his way at the sign of motion, and then Jacob perked up in surprise to see Chase returning so soon. Chase grinned and waved jauntily.

One giant hand pressed into the grass so Jacob could lean towards him and watch his progress. After figuring out how mellow Jacob actually was, that sight wasn’t scary at all. “That was fast,” he commented. “Everyone still panicking?”

“Kinda!” Chase called.

Jacob’s dubious frown was worth it. Chase almost had to stop walking to laugh it off. He stood on the dirt road in the shadow of a giant, unconcerned and doubled over with laughter. “Mostly they’re just confused! Don’t worry so much, dude.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, but he was clearly distracted, looking back towards the city a few more times. “So, what, they gonna send someone out to meet me?”

“Nah,” Chase waved a hand, arriving at the hand Jacob had resting on the ground. He stared straight up to meet the guy’s sheepish gaze, hands on his hips. “You’re gonna go meet them! Now gimme a lift!” He kicked at a giant finger pointedly.

The hand didn’t budge right away. Jacob blinked down at him, and then sighed heavily. “Chase … are you actually sure it’s safe?”

“Dude, totally safe,” Chase assured him. He walked up onto the back of Jacob’s hand, ignoring the surprised look or the fact that everything tensed beneath his feet. He held his arms out in a grand gesture. “D’you think they’d have let me come back here if they were still completely panicking?”

Jacob rolled his eyes. “I dunno, you’re kinda bitty, I’d believe you coulda snuck past someone.”

“Hey!” Chase barked crossing his arms. “Everyone else is … I’m not bitty. But that’s beside the point, I didn’t sneak!

The giant smirked. This time, his hand did move, and Chase wobbled in place. His eyes widened as the platform beneath him rose slowly into the air, waves of green grass dropping away below him. He didn’t dare move from his spot on the back of Jacob’s hand.

“Okay, fine, we’ll say you didn’t sneak,” Jacob agreed, once Chase was in front of his face. Chase threw him a scathing look, and luckily the giant took the hint. The other hand was quickly offered as a more secure platform, and Chase scrambled over to it. He stumbled onto an open palm, already recognizing the weird feeling of a pulse beneath the thick skin.

“Whatcha waiting for, big guy? Let’s go!”

Jacob smirked again. “You just wanna show off,” he pointed out. Even so, there was a quiet rumbling in the ground as he shifted, preparing to stand once more.

“You’re not wrong!” Chase called up, his hands resting on Jacob’s curled fingers as air whipped around his black hair.

The hand-platform moved closer to Jacob’s chest, securing Chase near the center of gravity to keep him from falling. Then, like before, gravity settled over him and clutched at his stomach as he rose into the air. Jacob stood up to his full height, and Chase had a grin on his face, shaky but amused, as his view of the world grew wider once again.

“That’s it. I’m sold. I wasn’t sure at first, but a giant is literally the only way to travel. I just decided.”

Jacob snickered, a rumbling sound. “Whatever you say.”

Then, he took a step towards the city, one long stride covering a distance that would take Chase minutes. Jacob moved hesitantly, but when no one came rushing out of the city to attack him like he kept worrying, he moved on. Chase grinned and let the air rush past his face.

The closer Jacob came to the city, the clearer the streets became. Some people hid, losing their bravery to stare at the oncoming giant. Others still peeked out their windows. More than one ambitious kid snuck out onto a roof here and there, watching Jacob’s approach.

Chase glanced up at smirked to see Jacob looking so sheepish. “Cheer up, dude! So they aren’t playing fanfare, but who needs that, right?”

“Something tells me you’re real heartbroken about that one,” Jacob muttered. As they approached, the giant did his best to make less noise. Chase smirked. Jacob could try, but he could never get rid of the earthquakes from his movements. He was too big.

But, not as dangerous as everyone thought. Chase focused on that fact as Jacob came to a nervous stop fifty feet from the gate. “It’s alright, dude,” he called up. Then, he waved amiably at the nearest people on rooftops and up on the city wall.

Dazed, some of them waved back.

After a long, awkward pause, some more people came filtering through the gate. Chase could almost feel how smug his grin was as he spotted the mayor’s entourage as well as a few cops to guard them all. Things were looking forward at last.

Someone down there shouted something. Chase narrowed his eyes, and then looked over his shoulder at Jacob. The giant, who was intently staring at the people boldly approaching his enormous boots, raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Chase nodded towards the ground and raised his own eyebrows in a significant look. “Might wanna get a little closer, dude. So you can hear ‘em.”

“Uh. Okay,” Jacob rumbled. The voices down below petered out, and they all hesitated in Jacob’s shadow.

“Easy does it,” Chase reminded him. Then, he had to cling to a finger as Jacob crouched down. One giant knee hit the dirt road and some of the people down there actually jumped into the air as if the ground itself had nipped at their ankles. Chase rolled his eyes. Amateurs.

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