Seek ye not the secrets of the Fae
Seek instead to live another day

Not much is known for sure about the deepest workings of Fae. The vast Fair Forest of Muunfel is world renowned for its glamour, and no mapmaker has successfully charted the pathways through it. Those invited in know their way without need of a compass, but trespassers may find themselves lost among the trees forever.

The many and varied species of Fae owe allegiance at best and respect at the least to the Una and the Aubry of the Fae, holders of Singularity. When the wild and unpredictable people of their kind need leaders, and someone to make new rules for them, they look to these individuals. Only they can operate outside the otherwise rigid rules governing all fairies.

The Rights pass seemingly at random to a new Fae when the last holder dies. Oftentimes, the Una will receive a vision before the Aubry’s passing to guide her to the next vessel, and vice versa.

As of the current year in Muunfel, the Una is a sylph and the Aubry is a Treant. Despite technically being one of the Wee Folk, no one doubts the Una’s ability to lead. Sylphs, like any true elemental fae, are not to be trifled with.

“A sylph? Friend, I know this is unusual, but I’m not even remotely kidding. Back away slowly and she might let you walk.”

Elias Kingspeaker Dawn, wandering bard and Lord of the Oracle’s Temple

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