Muunfel: Calendar

Muunfel is not on earth, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to use the same 12-month, 52-week calendar.

Rather than tracking orbits around the sun, a year is 360 days long – one day for each degree in a circle. There are 10 months in a year, each of them lasting exactly 4 weeks. This means there are 9 days in a week.

Days of the week:

  1. Tonday
  2. Glassday
  3. Oroday
  4. Kurday
  5. Minday
  6. Starday
  7. Silday
  8. Florday
  9. Coraday

Coraday, Tonday, and Minday are traditionally viewed as days of rest/reflection.

Weeks of the Month:

  1. First two weeks: Wax
  2. Last two weeks: Wane

Months of the Year:

  1. Queen’s Eyes  (Spring)
  2. Soulcleft
  3. Hero’s Rest  (Summer)
  4. Recollections
  5. Beast’s Spell
  6. Bluedance  (Autumn)
  7. SilverShift
  8. Stark  (Winter)
  9. Ninth Bulwark
  10. King’s Word

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