The elves in the Muunfel project are actually the youngest race of sentient people. In fact, there’s one kind of elf that is said to have been “unfinished” as the Third Union ended before they could fully form.

Beings of Nature and Time, the elves are born of two opposite energies and their fickle nature reflects that. It’s very hard to categorize an elf beyond what type of elf they are. Their loyalty, personality, everything is very dependent on external influences. An elf from one region can be completely different from an elf from another region, with different values and convictions.

There are seven varieties of elfkind:

High Elves*
Dark Elves*
Snow Elves
Wood Elves
Grey Elves
Prism Elves**
Ether Elves***

* High Elves and Dark Elves are the descendants of the Gold and Silver elves, which were wiped out in very early history by a blight on their peoples. Neither variety shines as much as their predecessors, but their skin has a glittering quality to it.

** Prism Elves are also known as “rainbow elves” thanks to the way their skin reflects light.

*** Ether Elves are transparent. They are the variety believed to be unfinished in their creation, and this leads to prejudice among many tightly-knit elf communities. Ether Elves are seen as “not all there” and aren’t trusted, partially because someone decided to wonder what otherworldly place they must be connected to.

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