Tamkind are beings born of the energy of Magic. There are not many varieties among the Tam, and the lines between them tend to be more blurred than among other groups. One of the most common and notable varieties are the Solians.

The Solians’ ancestral home is found in Meraev, across the Moondrop Sea south of Genfierz. At one time, they had an empire that extended over the western third of the Muunfel continent, and only when the empires of Mankind began to expand did they retreat back to Meraev.

However, ruins of their once great cities are dotted throughout the modern day countries of Genfierz and Rutan, and with minor maintenance their magically built feats of engineering are operational again. Notable among these cities are the capitols of both nations: The City of Exiles in Rutan, and the Silver Fortress in Genfierz.

Solians, as Tam, have a constant connection threading them to Magic. They utilize their magic in an infinite variety of ways, often unique to each individual. However, if they use more magic than their bodies contain, they will perish. For this reason, every Solian has a meditation technique to tap into their connection to Magic and replenish their stores.

The meditation techniques are as varied as the individuals. Dancing, singing, hunting, praying, running, or some other repetitive, meaningful activity can open the rear floodgate, allowing more magic to flow into the Solian and replenish them. Using their magic depletes the stores. Every Tam has their limit, and though a Solian could potentially meditate indefinitely and continue to restore their magic, they can die by other means.

Solians tend to have very tall, thin builds. Many of them have tufted tails. Their ears are pointed (more so than the elves) and are also tufted. They tend to have a variety of skintones, and usually have bright hair and eyes. Solians are more aggressive than humans at their baseline. They are more likely to react in a “feral” way to a threat.

Fun fact: If a solian smiles with their teeth, it is very much a threat display.

“The Lady Knight is smiling at me. I think she likes me.” – A Very Unfortunate Soul

Notable Solians:

Branwyn Damascus, “The Witch”, Lady Knight of the Damascus clan and Tamer of the Cataclysm

Fennelin Sieve, married into the Rutan royal family

The Winged, a Solian whose name has been struck from records, and who waits imprisoned underground somewhere in the deserts of Rutan

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