Fiorebell’s Blight

Near the eastern border of the country of Rutan, the land is fertile grassland before giving way to the massive desert that takes up the bulk of the nation. In the northeastern corner of this region, however, is a significant patch of land that has not grown a single plant in centuries. Even the banks of the river winding through this area are barren of life.

This region is known as Fiorebell’s Blight.

Muunfel is known as the land of the gods because the pantheon often appears there in corporeal form. Ages ago, there were sects of mortals that resented this, seeing it as an intrusion. Resentment towards the gods was stronger in some places more than others.

Trace, the god of mind, wandered more easily among the people than his siblings. In his travels, he met Fiorebell, a demigod of plants and growth, and the two fell in love.

However, not long after this, the mortals of the area caught wind of gods in their presence and attacked. Trace was badly injured, and even though gods can’t truly die, his corporeal form could have been destroyed for quite some time.

When Fiorebell intervened, the mortals managed to take the upper hand against her. She was executed, in a public affair that caught the attention of much of the pantheon. Trace was especially devastated by her loss.

Before she passed, Fiorebell laid her curse on the people, promising that their descendants would receive nothing from the land. The curse remains in place, and no amount of gentle care can coax even the toughest of plants to grow in Fiorebell’s Blight.

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