Folklore: The Wanderer

The various countries and regions of Muunfel all have their local legends, but only one seems to be found almost throughout the entire continent. The stories may vary from place to place, but most boil down to the mysterious figure that is the Wanderer.

The Wanderer is shrouded in mystery precisely because of the transience that gave them their name. No one knows for sure who they might be, or even what species. The only agreed-upon conclusion is that they are not a god.

There is a cult devoted to the Wanderer, collecting the stories of their travels and trying to find them. Many in this group would hope for the Wanderer to ascend and become a true god of wandering, as there is no one in the pantheon for this domain yet.

Those against this ideal all point out that the Wanderer seems to carry curses where they go. Even when they attempt a blessing, as in many of the stories, something twists and things are left in disarray.

The most famous example of this is the royal family of Genfierz, to the south. It is said that in a past generation, the Wanderer blessed the royal family to “Guile their enemies and rally their friends with mighty words and a silver tongue”. In many cases, this is true; the royals of Genfierz are notoriously shrewd negotiators. However, the monarch and the heir apparent of Genfierz boast a metallic tongue, living silver.

“It’s not so bad. I hardly even notice the constant taste of metal.” – Felicity Mire, A Queen of Gen

The Cult of the Wanderer is stubborn against the naysayers. They announce every few years that their top scholars are closing in on the Wanderer’s true identity, but they always end up missing the mark.

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