Magic and the People Using It

(Going with the theme suggestion from @worldbuildingjune because I’m not sure what else to do for today oops)

Magic is one of the three energies of the universe, winding through almost everything. It is the energy responsible for the Tamkind, and it also helped produce the gods and the Fae. These three categories of beings interact with magic in a different way.

The Tam (explained in an earlier post) channel magic directly through their bodies, storing it within themselves until they need to put it to use.

The Fae tend to mix natural forces with magic, resulting in some very intricate or very destructive and widespread magics. They are the least predictable of the bunch, and the chaotic tendencies of Nature explains why there are so many varieties of Fae.

The gods have long-lasting magic. Because they come from Time, they endure longer than the others and their magic threads through the ages. They exist to help other things exist, and for that they need to pack a lot of power.

Other beings (elves, humans, etc) are able to use magic, but they never channel it directly. They need a focus and a lot of practice, and sometimes it doesn’t work the way they want to. The god Baota is the patron of people like this, people tapping into the energies of Magic despite having no direct connection to it.

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