Notable Figures: The Cataclysm

“The Cataclysm” is a name retroactively given to Malachai Sunem, a shapeshifter Tam of considerable ability. He is around 600 years old, and keeps away from most conflicts in order to stay alive longer and find some semblance of easy living. He is very good at reading people and thus imitating them, though most of his pranks are fairly harmless.

The only battle he’s known for fighting was over in minutes. Malachai’s meditation technique (reminder that Tam need to replenish their magic stores somehow) is to eat something; that’s it. He’s very lucky in this regard.

In a battle that he was dragged into, other solians helped enhance his ability for a short time, and he shapeshifted into the entire battlefield. Then, when the opposing army marched into place, he swallowed them all. It was both draining and empowering for him, and the result was a several-weeks-long coma for Malachai but ultimately a victory for his allies.

After that, he went into hiding to avoid being pushed into an overload like that again. He most often hides out as a plush or a doll, which is an easy way to get into a home to steal a little food to get by.

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