A Little Change (5/?)

Last time saw Bowman considering a very very risky maneuver. That sprite just loves flying too blasted much! Let’s see if Jacob weighs in on it.


Bowman looked up again and his wings fanned open carefully. They had to adjust around the trunks of trees, but soon they were open like big green banners as Bowman watched the sunlight peek through the canopy.

“Uh. Bowman?” A little voice piped up from his hand. Bowman looked down and was newly aware of the tiny shifts and fidgets of the miniature human. He’d even felt the small tension in Jacob’s middle when he spoke up.

Jacob raised his eyebrows expectantly. “You are not thinking of flying, are you?”

Bowman couldn’t hold back a smirk. He lifted Jacob up so they could speak face to face, and shrugged. The motion made his hand bob up and down and Jacob looked dizzy for a moment. Oops.

“I dunno, Jacob. Since when do I think of flying?” he teased.

Jacob frowned dubiously. “Dude. We’re supposed to be looking for what caused this weird mix up. Once we figure it out you can go flying all you want.”

Bowman pulled his wings closer and huffed. “I could go flying all I want now,” he said. “Not like there’s any blasted clues around here anyway. For all we know, there might be something up there.”

Jacob shook his head. “Bowman, dude. That’s seriously … we gotta focus on this right now. I’m sprite sized and your wings could make a tent.”

Bowman didn’t know why, but seeing his normally lax friend looking flustered of all things only spurred him on. “My wings are definitely the fastest now, if there was any doubt before,” he boasted. To demonstrate, he spread them wide again. They cast a green-tinted shadow on the ground that impressed them both.

Jacob had his hands braced against Bowman’s grasp so harshly that the tiny knuckles were white. “Dude, you know I’ll never knock the wings, but this is not the time for a joyride.”

Bowman grinned. “Jacob, I never get to fly above the canopy,” he reasoned, his eyebrows shooting up. “Once we fix this I won’t be able to. I’ve gotta try.”

Jacob’s eyes were wide and he paused long enough for Bowman to glance up and tense his wings. He held out his tiny hands to halt the motion and catch Bowman’s attention. “Dude, wait! If you wanna fly, just … I dunno, stick me on a branch or something. I’ll watch from there, okay?”

Bowman thought about it, and then glanced around at the trees. There were places where he could actually reach the low branches without having to fly up to them. The weirdness of it all nearly distracted him from his determination to go flying.

He shuffled closer to one, and Jacob sighed in his hand. Then, Bowman frowned and shook his head. “I don’t think I should leave you on your own out here,” he decided.

“Dude, then don’t fly right now,” Jacob answered. He was exasperated again. Bowman almost never saw Jacob breaking his relaxed demeanor. It was blasted amusing, even with the worry at the back of his mind.

They didn’t know what was going on, but Bowman didn’t see why that should keep them from having a little fun while it lasted.

“Jacob, you don’t have to worry,” he said. He turned away from the tree and scanned the forest around them before marching off in one direction. He needed room to get into the air without smacking into the branches.

Jacob twisted around to watch Bowman’s path. He still had a frown on his tiny face, but something told Bowman he was trying hard to rein it in. The two trusted each other with their lives, and Bowman would never do anything to betray that trust. He hoped Jacob understood.

“Bowman, just … for the love of God and your magic Spirit, do not drop me. I don’t fly,” Jacob finally said. His voice was resigned, but tense.

Bowman nodded. A clearing waited ahead, bright sunshine splashing over vibrant green grass. “Don’t worry, you poor teeny tiny human. I won’t let you fall.”

Jacob’s expression flattened, but some of his nerves washed away with the teasing. “Seriously, Bowman? Gonna make jabs when you’re normally the size of my thumb?”

Bowman lifted his other hand and poked Jacob squarely in the chest. “I’m making up for lost time, Jacob,” he explained. His fingertip moved to settle right on top of Jacob’s head, mussing up his wavy brown hair. “You’re just lucky I’m not planning on sticking you under a bucket.

Jacob swatted at Bowman’s hand. For a moment, Bowman marveled at how tiny Jacob’s movements were. His little fingers were only as visible as they were because the pale skin contrasted with Bowman’s own darker hue.

Is this how I feel to him?

Jacob’s efforts to treat Bowman like an equal came to mind, and he drew his hand away. The shrunken human would never be strong enough to really push Bowman’s hand around, but that wasn’t the point. Bowman needed to try to listen, just like Jacob always did for him when their roles were reversed.

He paused in the clearing and looked up at the sky. Wispy clouds glided along a breeze that Bowman had never felt with his own wings before.

Now, he had a chance.

His wings spread wide, but as they did his hands drew close to his chest. He kept the fist securely around Jacob’s body, and his other hand settled like an umbrella over his head. Jacob would need protection from the harsh winds while Bowman was in motion.

There was a tiny sigh, but Jacob’s squirming stopped. “Bowman, are you really really sure we should-”

He didn’t get to finish his question. Bowman’s wings opened wide with a snap and he shot into the air. Wind tugged Jacob’s tiny voice away from them even as it built into a yell of surprise. Bowman felt the tiny arms clinging to his fingers, but his eyes were aimed upwards.

The sky awaited.

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