Godrend Weapons

The most legendary items of war are extremely few and far between, mostly due to the very difficult steps it takes to create them. These are the Godrend weapons.

The name does not mean that these weapons can kill gods. Nothing can actually do that. However, if a newly-forged weapon’s first blood is that of a god’s corporeal form, and if the wound is heavy enough, the item will become enchanted. God blood imbues the weapon with strength and longevity so that it doesn’t rust or break. Depending on the god whose blood enchanted it, it often comes with an extra enchantment.

A dagger with a barely formed handle and a short blade once injured Trace, the god of mind, enough to become imbued with his blood. The Humble Grey, as it is called, saps the intelligence of those cut by it for a short time. It is currently lost, and very few know of its whereabouts.

A longsword pierced the spine of Biim, the god of body, in the same fight. This Blue Longsword can now produce injuries that take twice as long to heal. It is kept in a vault in Rutan.

There are rumors of a morningstar that injured Gem, the goddess of freeflowing magic. Only Vayla seems to know for sure, because Gem does her level best to keep any information about it hidden away or shrouded in mystery. All of the rumors indicate that this weapon can disperse a wizard’s spells as effectively as grounding electricity.

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