Folklore: The Towers

Muunfel is commonly known as the land of the gods because the gods themselves walk the earth there more than on any other continent. Rumors abound that it should also be known as the Land of the Three, because of the three towers found on the far ends of the vast island.

Time, Nature, and Magic each have a strange tower dedicated to them. They are immune to the elements and remain very plain. No known peoples can claim responsibility for their construction. It is believed that they existed as soon as the world did to stand tribute to the energies that made all things.

The Tower of Time is located in the wilds of Synka. The Tower of Magic is located in Meraev, and is a common gathering place for the solians. Not much is known about the Tower of Nature, but it rests somewhere in the Faelands, guarded by the fairies.

These towers aren’t especially high, and in fact mortals have built taller ones throughout history. And yet, few have the desire to climb them. Those that do always seem to turn back before they reach the highest rooms.

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