Beings of time, the Vay are named after Vayla herself out of respect for how much she oversees. There aren’t as many Vay as there are among the other classes of beings, but it can be argued that there are more because some of them are not fixed to one point in time. They are as mysterious and difficult to pin down as the goddess they’re named for.

The abilities of the Vay are inextricably linked to time. Some are more attached to the time of day, and others to the day of the week. Since they tend to look human and can even blend in among humans most of the time, sometimes the abilities may crop up much to their own surprise as much as anyone else’s. Some of the more documented Vaykind include:

Prophets, people who can see the future, are not to be mistaken with spellcasters who use magic to look forward in time. With Prophets, it is an innate ability that can lay dormant for generations among humans with Vay bloodlines.

Season witches wax and wane with the turning of the seasons. White (winter), Red (summer), Green (spring), and Gold (autumn) witches are most powerful at their respective solstice/equinox.

Time knights are able to step through time. There aren’t many of them, and they have strict rules about what they can do when they emerge in a new time. Their view of time is fractured compared to Vayla’s all-encompassing, linear view, and they pray to her often for guidance.

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