Burgers and Pixie Dust Outline

For any fans of Oscar who read the third installment in his story, I created an outline well before writing it. And, much like Salads and Sulfur, Burgers and Pixie Dust was plotted out while I was completely smashed from drinking … I believe it was rum.

That outline, for your enjoyment, can be found under the cut.


  • Red Cap
  • Bad Dude guys
  • Fella kills people
  • like fucks em up bigtime it’s awful
  • gratuitousviolence
  • OBVIIOUSLY this guy would raise some flags for a hunter
  • Fuckin blood in the trees, that’s not where that go, my guy. That belong in the person

Our hero

  • Oscar, Oz, Ozzy
  • When he is scare he curles into a ball and is Shaped Like a Friend
  • Please protect this bean
  • But also recognize that he is hella brave and loyal and precious

The actual storyline

So oscar has a pretty good grasp on this being smol thing

Coming back from raiding a room for supplies because that’s hwhat he does with his time

Puts away some food next to the lots of food Sam and Dean gave him last time

(tiny tummy doesnot eat very fast)

Burrows into bed in his lonely little house to go night night

See this is the first time the Food and Monsters storyline has seen that he lives alone eventhough everyone already knew oh well

Cozy little Oscar wakes up to a knock on the door

Is halfway to answering it when he realizes

Who the fuck

When he opens the door, it’s someone around 8 inches tall squatting down to grin at him

Time to fall over in surprise

Pixie begs oscar to let him in

??? what the actual

Pixie has to be invited in and oz just has -412 evens

Eventually he lets them in and almost immediately becomes a teddy as they explain their story

The red cap has been attacking people and also snacks on other fairies sometimes

Oscar does not like this story

Or the hugging

Gotta stop ya right there, pal

He needs to call for help that’s actually equipped to do something about this because this is so incredibly Nope it’s not funny

Pixie isn’t jazzed about calling in humns but Oscar insists he cannot do the thing

Oscar is kinda claim so he has to convince pixie to let him down while they go for the phone

Calling dean again (probs after the Bowman case so flying smols are fresh on the mind for the bros) and the guys are happy ot hear from oz

Says can they please come to help because apparentlys oemthing bad is happening

Breckenricdge is like a reallya wful place for such a violent fairy guy omg

Bros show up and pixie feels the iron, hates that stuff how dare

Dean and pixie kind of want to protect oscar from each other because um that’s my bbuddy???

Research time on what’s been going on

Find out about all the deaths and wowie they look awful

Dean visits the morgue and they hardly have enough of some of these people left jfc monster how dare

Runs into some hooligans on the street as he walks, gets the generic glares (NOTE TO SELF THIS IS IMPROTANT DON’T LEAVE THIS OUT)

Pixie wants to send the hunters after the thing  and stay home pls

Oscar and sam go get them from his house

Sam sees Oscar’s house and how lonely it is

Them feels.jpg

Not the time for this Sam oh my god

Convince pixie to be brave like oscar (Sam can do the motivation thing)

Dean is waiting and he’s so ready

Gonna fite

Then pixie comes out with Sam and oscar under each arm and Dean is just <i>why</i>

Time to go fighe the red cap

Pixie tracks it while also making snarky ocmments about all of the damn iron and Dean’s just <i>get wrecked i’m gonna fite</i>

They arrive at the lair and it’s clearly dragged a kill in recently onoes

Expecting this big fearsome thing like pixie described

Honestly that flit embellishes a ton

It’s one of the hooligans *le gasp*

Wearing a red ballcap

Dean must fite while Sam protects the other two with his iron

Oscar the smartypants smol remembers that they said if the hat dries out the redcap should die

Connection to the hat? Signs point to very yes

So why not just take the hat, gotta weaken it gotta weakent he bad guy because i mean dean is great but this is a very Violent thing

Sends cowardly pixie to take the hat and put it out in the sun while they fite


It fucking helps and the red cap is gone and pixie can go home safely and big hugs for the smoler smols

Many-scaled gt yes good

Now it’s time to go home and Sam can of course bringup Oscar’s living situation

Dean’s like <i>why</i> again

This time feels for his smol buddy

Shouldn’t have to live alone

Get some of the story because f e e ls time

Gotta get him to Bobby’s house it’s much better and he’s not on his own there and things’ll be great honestly we promise Oz

“Maybe …”

Puppy eyes activate

Bloop and Oscar’s going to live at Bobby’s

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