Letters From Camp

Two days in a row! Wow! Mostly I wrote a neat lore thing today that I wanted to show off in an excerpt. Also, since the letter yesterday didn’t include yesterday’s count, it looks like I made a more impressive jump. ;D

Word Count: 4159/20000


“Many of my people–desert dwellers before exiles came–use hand-speak.” Calista pointed at the side of her head. “Many born who can’t hear.”

After a pause, he mimicked her gesture and pointed at his ear before signing, “Can’t hear? Why?

Calista grinned at him, like a teacher whose pupil has stumbled upon the perfect question. “Our magic,” she answered, shifting where she sat to face him better. Her eyes were alight with interest now. This was her area of expertise. “My people can sometimes move magic within our bodies instead of outside. We are descend from humans who mingle with Solians, but our bodies are not made the same as the magic folk. Sometimes we are without one sense because our magic takes that part our heads.” She tapped at her temple and finished with a proud look.

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