Anonymous Message (Kayra)

Kind of both? Wood sprites are the most likely to opt to be pacifists. They’re connected to the Lady of Life, and that means they tend to be more in tune with the living things around them. If they can avoid a fight, they usually will. However, not all wood sprite communities are pacifist like Wellwood. There are some that are much more prepared and willing to tussle with something that causes trouble, and some communities even tolerate eating meat (or eggs – birds just leave those lying around, after all).

Among the other varieties of sprites, the fire sprites and air sprites can be quick to react to threats, and sometimes they’ll squabble amongst themselves but it really doesn’t amount to much. Most sprites recognize that they’re small in a big world and they don’t like to waste time fighting each other, even if they’ll go after animals to show them who’s boss.

I have a wood sprite character from another community, and she is quite prepared to drive animals away and even hunt them down if they’re too much of a threat:

This is Kayra (art by me!). Look out for that spear. She has a kiddo to protect and she’s not shy about it.

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