Letters from Camp

Keeping up with the goal is still proving to be a doable challenge. I was so tired all weekend and still managed to get some things done. Haven’t done any yet for today, but who cares, right? Who doesn’t want a letter from camp?!

Word Count: 9203/20000


“Lady Stride,” one of the guards at the door greeted her. Leah nodded patiently, and the man gave her a stiff bow at the waist. “It’s been some time since we saw you passing this way. Not since before Festival Day, I believe.”

She smiled. Last time, she had met with Aaron to pass along all the information she had gathered, and he had updated her on the state of things out in the desert. As far as the guard knew, she’d had a simple stroll up the waterfront to see a family friend in Northcrown.

“Things have been busy in the Higher Perches,” she admitted, raising one eyebrow conspiratorially. “You’re not looking for gossip, I trust?”

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